konter is a communication design studio based in Dortmund, Germany run by us, the two graphic designers Michelle Flunger and Sascha Schilling.

We work in different fields of design, such as: editorial-, corporate-, exhibition-, book-, webdesign. copy writing, concepts, art direction and different kinds of workshops.

Just name it. We have a great team around which will give everything to fulfill your requirements. 

We create visual tensions and relax those, if necessary.

Additional to our executive work in our studio, we teach graphic design at the University of Sciences and Arts in Dortmund.

Clients and Partners

StadtBauKultur NRW
Kultur Ruhr GmbH — Urbane Künste Ruhr
Hartware MedienKunstVerein
will Magazinverlag —
novum world of graphic design 
Kulturbetriebe Dortmund — Dortmunder U
Ruhr Universität Bochum
Karl-Pollender-Stadtmuseum — Stadt Werne
Miinu GmbH
Müllernkontor GbR
Stadteinwärts GmbH
GLS Bank
Fritz Kola
TFF TheaterFilmFest gUG
Fachhochschule Dortmund —
Fachhochschule Dortmund — FB Informatik
Fachhochschule Dortmund — FB Design
Dortmunder Hochschultage
Dortmund ahoi
Hömma Magazin
Kimbap Spot
NMR Tools
Leo Bettina Roost —
artur - art in architecture
Gregor McEwan — Amadis

Exhibitions we
took part in

Dortmunder U, Moving Types

Alter Kiosk Dortmund, 2011

Offene Galerie, Galerie 143, Dortmund 2011

Leipziger Buchmesse —
Asperger Syndrom, 2011, 2012
Fantasievoll, 2012, 2013
morgen, morgen… , 2012, 2013

33pt, Typografie Symposium, 2012

Künstlerhaus Dortmund, S/U II, 2012

Frankfurter Buchmesse —
Fantasievoll, 2012
morgen, morgen, …, 2013

Mut zur Wut —
Heidelberger Straßen, 2012
AKD Berlin, 2013
Walpodenakademie Mainz, 2013

Salon Wechsel Dich, Celebration, Hamburg 2013
Photobook Festival Kassel, Celebration, 2013

Kioosk, Independent Publishing Fair Krakau —
Human Marvels, 2013
It’s not about them…, 2013

FÜR HIER. 1, Fotografie, Dortmund 2015
FÜR HIER. 2, Literatur und Illustration, Dortmund 2015
FÜR HIER. 3, Independent Publishing, Dortmund 2016

Women’s Rights Poster Exhibition
MassArt, Massachussetts College for Design, 2016
Taiwan Normal University, 2016 
Toolkit Conference Greece, 2016
Urban street exhibition in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, 2016
Warsaw Poster Museum, 2017

Printed- or

Mut zur Wut, 2012
Slanted #15 Experimental
V-mag, the green issue, 2012
typographic posters, 2013 - today
Hömma Magazin, 2015
Good 50x70 Anthology - for moleskine , 2015
Heimatdesign 14, 2015
MassArt, Exhibition-Catalogue,
Women’s Rights Are Human Rights, 2016
Designmadeingermany, »Lieblingsstadt«, 2016
novum 11.17, novum+ Details
behance.net, graphic design / music packaging
novum 06.18, novum+ architecture


So here you are. You made it to the end of the »about« page. Congrats! If you like what you saw and now know more about what we do, but some questions want to be answered, just drop us a line and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

One thing upfront: Natürlich sprechen wir deutsch.

(Fotocredit: Juliander Enßle)